Welcome to Property Ventures Investments & Sourcing. We are a Property Investment Company with the sole purpose of helping those who we work with build their wealth and create passive streams of cash flow.
We are highly skilled in purchasing properties both for ourselves and our investors and have strong power teams with whom we are happy to share with you on your own journey should you opt to work with us.
With expertise knowledge of the many hot spot areas within the West Midlands we truly believe we can enhance your life through achieving long term wealth and cash flow that far exceeds any interest rates ISAs provide.
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Property Ventures Investments and Sourcing concentrates on securing profitable properties for both trading and holding purposes for ourselves and more importantly our investors.

The vision for us is simple. Let us help you achieve your dreams and goals through utilising property investment with us.

Whether its time you desire, or more returns on your current savings we can help you.

We have been part of the property industry for over 7 years, with degrees in Construction Project Management, Business Management, Accountancy and Architecture.  We have invested in our own portfolios both for long term wealth and monthly cash flow but also on many flip projects. 

What we can tell you is that we have the ability to provide you both hands on opportunities through our sourcing methods and also can offer you fully hands off investments from inception right the way to getting your properties sold or let out, dependent on your strategy.



We offer a deal sourcing service where you leave the headache to us. A few things we do include: 

  • Search properties daily

  • View properties

  • Due dilligence checks

  • Negotiate on the properties

  • Agree on a deal

  • Instruct vendors solicitors

  • Assist investors with solicitors/brokers

  • Ensure all breakdown of estimated costs are provided

  • Report weekly until exchange and completion takes place

  • Either manage a refurb to completion, let out the property or hand the property back to the investor should they wish to handle this themselves


Our director has a 5 year degree in Construction Project Management and has performed duties on projects from £50,000 to £100m+. 
They have worked with the Highways Agency, BBC, Olympics and on their own personal development projects.
Alongside this the project manager is also crucial with providing daily/weekly/monthly/ reports to our clients and ensuring all stages of the project are seen through properly.
No project is too small or big with a team of builders and highly specialised tradesmen we have someone for every part of the job.


One of the key areas we have investor involvement with is portfolio building.
Some, although very rarely choose to allow us to purchase properties for them to build up their portfolio primarily through deal sourcing.
Others however opt to utilise our time and education and let us do all the work offering a hands off service and building portfolios together.
With investors committing to one aspect of property portfolio building we ensure all the rest of the bases are covered.
This allows us all to reach our goals over the years sustaining cash flow and wealth and living the life we choose too live.






Whether you are looking for an investment or the property of your dreams, Property Ventures Investments offers it all. So don't hesitate to get in touch.

We are here to serve!